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Canopy-Free Pier 17 Moves Forward With Landmarks Approval

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Just a few weeks after the Howard Hughes Corporation proposed a new design for a canopy-less Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport, the Landmarks Preservation Commission gave its full approval to the planned development. According to YIMBY, the hearing yesterday was a brief one, with representatives from SHoP Architects and Howard Hughes presenting new renderings for the canopy-free space, and the LPC giving the project the go-ahead.

SHoP's original design included the controversial glass pergola, which became a sticking point due to its height, which some were worried would have blocked views of the Brooklyn Bridge.

SHoP also presented a new design for the access road in front of Pier 17; the original proposal called for asphalt, while the new one calls for concrete pavers. The LPC gave the thumbs-up to this change, too.

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