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10 Modular Apartments Replacing Lower East Side Tenements

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Two neighboring tenement buildings on the Lower East Side will be saying shalom as they are set to be replaced by new apartments—and not just any old apartments, but spiffy modular units. The four-story structures at 201-203 East Broadway will be replaced by one seven-story structure, YIMBY reports, with ten residential units atop retail and medical space.

The project is being developed by Daniel Wise with Martin Kapell's Think Architecture and Design. The average residential unit would be 1,487 square feet with two units each on floors two through five, and one unit each on floors six and seven. The medical space would occupy 1,968 square feet and the retail space would take up 3,600 square feet. The Jewish burial society United Hebrew Community sold the buildings in September for $8.5 million. Demolition permits have been filed, but not approved.
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