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There's a Secret 55-Square-Foot Studio in a Brooklyn Backyard

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Photos courtesy Hunt Architecture.

In the backyard of a Boerum Hill townhouse sits a tiny cedar-clad building that can only be described as an adult playhouse. After all, architect Nick Hunt, of Hunt Architecture, constructed the little hut for as his own private retreat. "The point of the project for me was an escape from the city—both in terms of building it and hanging out in it, inhabiting it," Hunt told Dwell. "It was for the act of building and to be able to do this for myself, to be my own client; that's something young architects rarely get a chance to do."

Hunt spent seven days and $1,200 building the geometric shed, which measures just 55 square feet. At 5 feet by 11 feet, the interior is just big enough to fit a cot or a desk and chair, making it the ideal hideaway for a stolen nap, a quiet work day, or a moment of meditation. Reclaimed materials—the cedar was leftover from another job, and the white fence pickets that line the interior were salvaged from his parents' house—helped keep the costs down. Plexiglass windows and a large skylight let in plenty of light, and a grassy green roof helps the studio connect with its natural surroundings.

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