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Peek Inside 432 Park Ave With the Tower's Interior Designer

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Though we've seen plenty exterior shots of 432 Park Avenue, interior images for the supertall tower have been few and far between—aside from renderings, and several images of the first completed model unit, the Deborah Berke-designed interiors have been a mystery. But a tipster points us to a video on the building's website, which shows Berke discussing her concept for the space inside of that model unit—it functions as a mini-tour of what an apartment in the skinny tower might look like, while also offering insights on its design. Such as: the windows informed many of Berke's design choices; the layout of each apartment is meant to flow from "a grand space to an intimate space"; and she wanted the units to "pay homage" to classic Park Avenue apartments. It also offers some previously unseen views of the dining room, bedrooms, and kitchen.

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432 Park Avenue

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