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Jazz Legend Charlie Parker's Alphabet City Home Seeks $9.25M

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Legendary jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker spent only about four years living in the 19th-century townhouse at 151 Avenue B, but the Gothic Revival structure has become synonymous with the musician. It's now known as the Charlie Parker Residence, and the stretch of Avenue B that it's located on was renamed Charlie Parker Place in the '90s. And now, some enterprising jazz fan—or someone with a lot of cash—has the chance to own the home, which is now on the market for $9.25 million. Parker lived in the ground-floor unit, which has its own private backyard (with a koi pond, because why not), three fireplaces, and oversized windows. The building has four other apartments, including a penthouse with its own private deck and skylights. According to the listing, it could remain in its current multi-family configuration (those four apartments are market-rate rentals), or could be converted into a gigantic single-family home—though the buyer would have to deal with the fact that it's triple-landmarked, by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, the State Register of Historic Places, and the National Register of Historic Places.

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