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Big Reveal: $1.199M for a Two-Bed Co-Op in Midtown West

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Curbed's commenters didn't seem too keen on this week's PriceSpotter, a two-bedroom, two-bathroom co-op at 100 West 57th Street. Some of the details about the listing that should have helped give away its asking price were its remodeled kitchen, 50-bottle wine fridge, and amenities like a 24-hour doorman and bike room. Despite the unit's rather pricey common charges ($2,160/month, yikes!), most of our readers believed that this co-op might be worth less than it's asking. Commenter stache guessed that the price was $800,000, but added, "[It]'s probably too high." Svetlana seemed to think the same thing, saying, "$899K and not a penny more. Price-chop please!" The complaints of this listing varied with some commenting that it shouldn't claim to be a two-bedroom unit simply because of a divider, that the hardwood flooring looks cheap like laminate, and that while the kitchen was remodeled, it's anything but extraordinary. As succinctly stated by TomH, "{This co-op is] a total zero for me." In the end, the winner of this week's asking price guessing game is Egg-Shen, who had the closest guess at $1.29 million. Thank you to everyone for playing!

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