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Cape Cod's Midcentury Houses: Where Yankee Ingenuity Meets Modern Simplicity

Cape Cod is one of the most popular destinations in the summer (and beyond) for New Yorkers looking to escape the city, and a new book explores one of the island's best architectural treasures. Regarded as a vernacular modern masterpiece, the Hatch House was designed by Jack Hall in 1962 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. The cottage—which comprises three separate, elongated cubes, one housing the living room and kitchen, the other two the bedroom suites—sits atop a slatted wooden deck. A wooden superstructure reaches over the entire house and deck. During winter, the house is shuttered with large, hinged wooden panels covering the floor-to-ceiling windows. In summer, these panels swing up, attach to the superstructure, and form an outdoor roof that shades the decks outside each room. "Yankee ingenuity meets Modernist simplicity" is how Peter McMahon, who co-authored the book Cape Cod Modern with Christine Cirpriani, describes it.

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