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What's the Deal With This Wood-Covered Tribeca Loft?

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A tipster alerted us to this three-bedroom Tribeca pad, which has wood paneling pretty much everywhere—on the floor, on the ceiling, on the cabinets, and even in the columns that are dotted throughout the space. Why all the wood? It's unclear—there's not much information out there on the owners of the space, but we can guess that they must have gone on a meditation retreat at some point. That's the only way to explain the rustic-chic interiors, with billowing curtains and Moroccan-style pendant lights, which extends all the way to the expansive outdoor space (which also has a wooden pergola). The bathroom is stranger still, with stone walls and a chain-pull toilet. If you like the feel of living in a treehouse, or in an industrial yoga loft, then this may be the place for you—it's listed at $5.5 million, which our tipster points out is $450K less than when it first went on the market.

· Listing: 321 Greenwich Street Floor 2 [Town via StreetEasy]