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This Planned Greenpoint Rental Is Having an Identity Crisis

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A new nine-story rental building is planned for the corner of Kent Street and West Street in Greenpoint, and the design is…something. The building at 44 Kent Street has been designed by Nataliya Donskoy's ND Architecture and Design, according to YIMBY, which published renderings of the building. The structure appears to be having an identity crisis: The residential tower, while somewhat articulated, lacks the attempt at grace seen in the lower retail portion; the whole thing is just confusing.

The 44-unit building will span 34,000 square feet, with each unit averaging about 770 square feet. There will also be two floors (about 10,000 square feet) of retail, plus 22 parking spaces in the basement. The vacant lot is being developed by the Loketch Group following Cayuga Capital's sale of the site for $8.75 million in 2014. With that sale also came design changes: the original plan called for a six-story-building spanning 28,698 feet with 42 units and 698 square feet of retail. No completion date has been announced for the project.
· Revealed: 44 Kent Street, New Greenpoint Rental Development [NYY]