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How to Make New York City Better, According to Two Architects

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Even the most die-hard New Yorker has their gripes with different aspects of city life, and in a new video produced by Wired, two architects share what they would change about NYC. Gregg Pasquarelli of SHoP Architects and Vishaan Chakrabarti of Partnership for Architecture and Urbanism (and late of SHoP) revealed what they think are some of the largest problems with New York City's infrastructure, and how they would fix those issues. Some of the big ones: the abundance of cars on city streets (both would outlaw private vehicles), the dearth of larger parks, and the destruction of Penn Station, which Chakrabarti called "the beginning of [New York City's] disinvestment in infrastructure." (He wants to tear down Madison Square Garden, replace it with a better stadium, and rebuild an airier train station that can accommodate Penn's current crush of humanity.) Pasquarelli, meanwhile, lamented the fact that a new bridge hasn't been erected since 1964, calling it "an embarrassment." You can check out the full video below, along with a second one that compares New York City's infrastructure to that of other cities.

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