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See the Views From New York City's Skinniest Supertall Tower

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View south from 1,150 feet. Via PMG.

The 1,428-foot SHoP-designed supertall tower at 111 West 57th Street is still years from existence, but views from its top condos are already here. Project developer Property Markets Group has created a virtual panorama that shows off the views from 11 different vantages at 75-foot intervals. Since the panoramas were first scoped by 6sqft, they've been removed from PMG's website, but we snapped a few screenshots before that happened. Views range in height from 245 feet to 1,100 feet. The super tall, super skinny 'scraper will only have one unit per floor meaning that each uber-pricey condo will have 360-degree views like the panoramas.

[View north from 1,150 feet. Via PMG.]

One of the most attractive views from the building is towards Central Park, but the panoramic view of the city's beloved green lung might not actually look like how it's portrayed. The shadows projected to be cast by the supertall towers constructed and on their way to Billionaire's Row are the subject of a lot of controversy (so of course PMG ignored them in the renderings).

[View of 432 Park Avenue from 1,150 feet. Via PMG.]

[View of lower Central Park from 1,150 feet. Via PMG.]

[View of One57 from 1,150 feet. Via PMG.]

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111 W 57th St

111 West 57th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019