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Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 6 Makes Its Long-Awaited Debut

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Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 6 is finally ready for visitors. Field Condition visited the park to photograph the pier on its inaugural weekend, which comes well after sunbathing season, when it intended to open, but before that time of year when New Yorkers disappear into the abyss of takeout and Netflix. The 3.5 acre pier's grassy lawns and flowering meadows set it apart from the rest of the 85-acre park, whose piers are mostly dominated by recreation areas and fields. Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates served as the landscape architect, and no, there's no Bjarke Ingels viewing platform Tostito just yet; that'll come some time in the distant future.

Now that Pier 6's renovation has wrapped up—contested housing aside—work has begun on Pier 5 Uplands, the parking lot formerly home to Smorgasburg, the Journal reports. When complete, Pier 5 Uplands will include a lawn, seating, a boat house, and public restrooms. (↓)

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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201