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Two Luxury High-Rise Rentals Coming to Greenpoint Landing

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Greenpoint Landing is about to get a bit bigger: Brookfield Property Partners, the developer responsible for Brookfield Place (among other NYC projects), announced that it's teaming up with Park Tower Group to bring two high-rise, luxury rentals to the Greenpoint megaproject. The new buildings, which are expected to rise 30 and 40 stories above the East River, will be designed by Handel Architects and bring 780 new units to the megaproject (which is expected to have 5,500 units total). Gothamist revealed the renderings for the new towers, which are a bit all over the place: the design blends brick and glass, with faceted casement windows, and slender towers rising out of stubby bases. Construction should be completed by 2019, at a cost of about $600 million. They'll join three affordable buildings, which are already underway along the waterfront.

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