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Tour Manhattan's First Modular Micro-Apartments (Sort of)

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Though we're still a ways off from the first move-ins at the My Micro NY building at 335 East 27th Street, things are moving along: the modular, prefabricated structure is fully stacked, and applications for its 22 affordable units (of 55 studios) are being accepted through November 2. And a new video by nArchitects, the firm that designed the building's micro-apartments, offers a glimpse inside those teeny studios. (h/t ArchDaily) The video functions as a trailer for My Micro NY, and shows nearly the entire process of getting the structure raised, from fabricating the units at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, to transporting them across the Manhattan Bridge, to stacking them in Kips Bay. At the very end, the architects do a walk-through of a completed unit, and you can see the (very small) space and its (very small) kitchen.

My Micro New York - Trailer from Antti T Seppänen on Vimeo.

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