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Big Reveal: $950K For Hell's Kitchen Co-Op With Sleeping Loft

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Commenters, y'all were very mixed on this Hell's Kitchen one-bedroom, and the sleeping loft wasn't even the biggest point of contention. ("I'd have a daily concussion upon awakening," remarked thepixinator.) More of you hated the carpeted flooring, and disputed the listing's claims that it's truly 1,000 square feet, with upstater saying, "Broker is a liar, so I'd pay $0." Captain Crankypants agreed: "This is a horrible ugly duckling." Not everyone was down on it, though: "I love it; but do not love it enough to pay $1Mi and over for it," said Svetlana. And as far as guessing the price: Stache got it right in the second comment, correctly surmising that the apartment is asking $950,000.

· 415 West 55th Street #5A [StreetEasy]
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