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Two Different Plans Revealed for Revamp of St. John's Terminal

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Part of the recently revealed plan to save the crumbling Pier 40 includes an air rights deal for St. John's Terminal, the hulking three-block stretch of warehouses on Washington Street. If the plans come to pass, the buildings will be turned into a mixed-use development, with retail, commercial space, and some 1,500 new apartments, including affordable and senior housing. But in order to realize that dream, the developers—Atlas Capital Group and Westbrook Partners—will have to go through the lengthy ULURP process. YIMBY recently revealed diagrams of the developers' proposals for the site, including both an as-of-right plan—which would not require ULURP or community approval—and the ULURP plans.

The as-of-right plans (↑) call for a huge tower—630 feet high—that would be occupied by a hotel, along with lots of retail space, and a 50,000-square-foot "event space" at the southern end of the complex.

In total, the as-of-right plan would have 1,152,000 square feet of space. That differs greatly from the ULURP plan, which you can see below.

The ULURP plan (↑) uses the space in a more varied way: It cuts down on the retail and adds in space for around 1,586 apartments, which include a mix of market-rate, affordable, and senior housing. The building proposed for the middle of the site would also have a "Manahatta" garden at its center, which would be surrounded by condos on one side and affordable housing on the other.

Other key elements of the ULURP plan include an event space, a 353-room hotel, and more parking than in the as-of-right plan. It would offer around 1,961,000 square feet total.

As with the controversial LICH plan in Cobble Hill, there's a good chance that neighborhood residents will object to the as-of-right plan, with its not-quite-supertall (but still rather tall) tower; the ULURP process, meanwhile, could mean this project will be on hold for some time. But that there are plans at all is an improvement over the last few times this project tried to get off the ground, so that's something.
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