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Eight-Story, Single-Family Mansion Coming to Canal Street

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A sliver of land at the corner of Canal Street and Washington Street down in Tribeca will soon become a fancy, glassy residential building. And the kicker? The 12,100-square-foot project will house a single family.

Tribeca Citizen got their hands on some preliminary renderings from Laufs Engineering Design. The eight-story mansion will be located at 526-528 Canal Street (currently, a tiny parking lot and a four-story building), in the very far west of Tribeca. Fences are already up around the lot, indicating that demolition is imminent.

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YIMBY reported back in July that permits were filed by an LLC to build on the site, with DXA Studio listed as the architect of record (the people responsible for this weird thing). According to the permits, the entire first floor will be devoted to a "grand hall," with a "wine cave, service kitchen, and formal dining room" on the second level, residential space on the third through seventh floors, and a pool, hot tub, sun room, and garden on floor eight.

Of course, only time will tell if that will be enough space for said family. Better to be safe than sorry!
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