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Does 432 Park Avenue's Facade Already Need Repairs?

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Rafael Viñoly's supertall 432 Park Avenue hasn't been a fixture of New York City's skyline for that long, but it seems like it may already be having issues. Tipster Michael Gross writes in with a bit of interesting intel: Allegedly, the concrete that makes up the facade of the building is already showing some wear and tear, with cracks visible in the building.

According to Gross, a masonry firm was dispatched to repair the structure using a sealant called Silane. It wouldn't be the first time the trash can-inspired tower has run into construction trouble: In January, debris was spotted falling from the nearly 1,400-foot-tall building. We've reached out for comment, and will update if we get more details; in the meantime, if you've heard anything, you know where the tipline is.
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