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Historic Lower East Side Building May Get Anachronistic Topper

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All may not be lost for the Provident Loan Society building on the corner of East Houston and Essex Streets, but the Lower East Side icon may soon look…um, different. Bowery Boogie unearthed renderings for a proposed addition to the building by Bluarch, which would add about 41,000 square feet of space, and turn the structure into a 40-unit residential building with a retail component.

For reference, here's what the building looks like now, via Bowery Boogie:

And here's another rendering of that proposed topper:

On the one hand, it's good that plans may be afoot to preserve the original bank building: It was never landmarked, and when Houston Essex Realty Corp. acquired its air rights last year, there was some speculation that it would be torn down. On the other hand…damn, that's an ugly building.
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