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How Would You Change the New York City Subway Map?

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Welcome to Friday Open Threads, wherein we'll pass the mic to readers to speak up about topics of interest, distress, horror, etc. Have something you want discussed? Let us know.

The New York City subway map, for many, is just one of those things that never gets it right. Massimo Vignelli's 1972 map, praised by design enthusiasts but despised by the general public, was chastised for its unrealistic geography. John Tauranac's 1978 map, a version of which is still in use today, is more geographically accurate, but isn't the clearest when it comes to, oh, just about everything. Earlier this week, a Finnish designer unveiled their plan for a new subway map, which isolates local and express routes and clarifies transfer points. (Not like that map will ever be adopted, but one commenter pointed out that the map doesn't account for express trains running local at night. Oh, the headaches.) So, is there such a thing as the perfect New York City subway map? What would make the existing map better? Should it be forgotten completely in favor of a new map? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

↑ 1972 subway map via Gizmodo.

↑ Partial 1985 subway map. Via Gizmodo.

↑ 2010 subway map. Via Gizmodo.

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