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Does This $2,000 East Village Rental Even Have a Bathroom?

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Sure, kitchen showers aren't a particularly uncommon thing to find in New York City apartments, but when you're paying $2,000 per month in rent, wouldn't you expect there to be an actual bathroom? Apparently not in this real estate market: This East Village one-bedroom does indeed have a shower in the kitchen, located right next to the stove—that seems like a terrible idea—and it's asking $1,995 per month. And to be fair, the rest of the apartment is cute; there's a decorative fireplace, and it appears to get plenty of light. But without a floorplan or more photos (the listing is predictably bare-bones), we have a few questions, namely: Is that sink next to the kitchen meant to be used as a bathroom commode? And where exactly is the toilet, anyway?!

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