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The 11 Best Fireplaces for Sale Right Now in New York City

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It's fall, y'all: The leaves are starting to turn, the weather has gotten perceptibly cooler, and if you're anything like us, you've already gotten all of your cardigans out of storage. Cooler weather also makes us think of fireplaces, one of those apartment amenities that you never really think about until there's a chill in the air and suddenly nothing seems nicer than curling up with a book in front of a roaring fire. (Maybe that's just us.) In any case, plenty of New York City apartments have the vestiges of them—elaborate mantles that have been repurposed as decorative elements, or cut-outs in exposed brick walls—but there are also plenty of units where you'll find real, honest-to-god wood-burning (or, less impressively, gas) fireplaces. Take a look at some of our favorites that recently hit the market.

↑ This 19th-century home faces picturesque Stuyvesant Square Park (which may explain its $15 million price tag), and has five bedrooms over nearly 6,500 square feet of space. It also has five fireplaces, including one with beautiful Art Deco ornamentation that's in the dining room, near a winding staircase. And just in case the park being nearby isn't enough for you, there's a garden off the first floor.

↑ The wood-burning fireplace in this Tribeca loft is the focal point of the main living space, and rightfully so: it's the kind of amenity you'd want to huddle around in the wintertime. The apartment has plenty of other lovely features, including huge skylights throughout and a sizable private terrace.

↑ This "captivating West Village oasis" (the broker's words, not ours) has three wood-burning fireplaces, all of which are inset in classic brick facades. And there's one in the master bedroom, which should come in handy on those chilly fall nights. Other amenities include an expansive garden, claw-foot bathtub, and storage space.

↑ We're not totally sure what's going on with the fireplaces in this three-bedroom apartment in the Gramercy House—we're getting a hint of Beetlejuice from both of them, but that's beside the point—but they're there and large and that's pretty nice. The rest of the home is decorated in similarly, um, over-the-top style (why all the furry poufs?), but there are nice touches like a cedar walk-in closet and an eat-in kitchen.

↑ In Belle Harbor, a community in the Rockaways that was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, this four-bedroom house has plenty of beachy charm. (The decorative boats scattered throughout help with that a little.) The living room has a fireplace that's decorative, not functional, but it's pretty all the same. There's also an abundance of outdoor space, and the whole quaint place is within walking distance of the beach.

↑ The living room of this Upper West Side four-bedroom is apparently "designed to entertain," with a gas fireplace—kitted out with wooden paneling—as the centerpiece. (It also has a "custom DJ deck, in-wall surround sound, and a folding privacy partition," if you're the type who throws a lot of parties, probably?) The $9.2 million apartment also has a modern kitchen, walk-in closets, and bedrooms that are positioned on either the north or south end of the unit.

↑ In classic Greenpoint style, this three-bedroom house near McGolrick Park sits on a block with other squat, shingle-bedecked single-family homes. The large fireplace in the living room is inlaid with black bricks, giving it a sleek feel that's, well, slightly out of place with the rest of the house. Perhaps the most out-there addition: a bar in the basement.

↑ In a penthouse at Long Island City's Casa Vizcaya, there are fireplaces seemingly everywhere: In the living room, in a bedroom, and there are even a couple on a terrace, should you want to experience the perks of sitting by a fireplace (cozy, romantic) and the perks of having a deck (views, romantic) at the same time.

↑ This rustic Park Slope duplex has a wood-burning fireplace built right into the exposed brick that covers the rest of the apartment. The charming two-bedroom also has an alcove on the second floor that overlooks the rest of the apartment. It's one block away from Prospect Park and available for $1.2 million.

↑ If you're dreaming of a home with a modern-rustic vibe, this one-bedroom may be the apartment for you: The fireplace at this Chelsea rental takes up an entire wall, with a large open space for storing blocks of wood; the facade is made from white ceramic tiles. The apartment also has a large master bedroom and kitchen, and it's only $800,000.

↑ You want fireplaces? This Brooklyn Heights house has seven—yes, seven—of 'em, all of which are original to the structure (which was built in the 1870s). The listing has our favorite bit of brokerbabble in some time: "In describing this classic beauty…the words 'straight and true' come to mind. " We think this means that it's a traditional 19th-century townhouse, with dark-wood accents, original moldings, and more—but luckily, the kitchen, electricity, and plumbing were recently updated.