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Ice Skating in NYC Will Kick Off This Weekend—Yes, This Early

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Seasonal creep is real, and it's invading New York City: We're barely a month into autumn—daylight savings time doesn't even end for another three weeks!—but already, the city's ice-skating rinks are opening to the public. The Ice Rink at Rockefeller Center will be the first to welcome the spinning, skating masses, with the city's other popular rinks—Bryant Park, Central Park—opening soon after. (The one at Prospect Park at least have the decency to wait until November before they lay their ice down.)

Typically, ice skating is associated with cold, wintery days, but at the rate we're going—with both the weather, which is supposed to be warm and rainy this weekend, and the rush to get tourists to the city ASAP—it may not be that way for much longer. Thanks to the advances in technology, it doesn't need to be, well, icy, to skate; and thus, it's possible to get the season going earlier every year. (We're terrified to see what will happen when tourists start wielding selfie sticks as they glide across the ice.) But is it too soon? Or do you just not care? Let us know either way.

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