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Call for Submissions: Show Curbed Your Halloween Spirit!

Halloween is just around the corner, and if there's any city that celebrates the spooky holiday right, it's New York. And we're not just talking about the Village Halloween Parade, although that is epic; after Christmas, Halloween seems to be the holiday that New Yorkers embrace the most when it comes to decorating their homes. Whether it's creepy haunted houses on front lawns, or more family-friendly pumpkin patches, plenty of folks in this city love to go overboard with their All Hallows Eve festivities—and this year, we want to see it all. Is there a particularly over-the-top house in your neighborhood? Do you have a gory zombie attack happening in your front yard that you want to show off? Is there a street where everyone is planning for epic trick-or-treating? Let us know! Send stories, photos, and intel to