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'Magical' & Historic Greenwich Village Townhouse Wants $16M

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For 171 years old, the Greek Revival-style townhouse at 88 MacDougal Street sure does look good; it's definitely had some work done. The landmarked five-bedroom townhouse hit the market this afternoon, showing off the contemporary interiors that hide behind its painted brick facade. The kitchen is nothing short of sterile—that's not necessarily a downfall for a place where food is prepared—but the townhouse still possesses those mid-1800s charms like beamed ceilings and large windows on both sides of the house. A previous renovation also updated the townhouse's uppermost floor with a retractable roof "for stargazing," according to the listing's brokerbabble (which also pegged the townhouse as "magical".) The only stars someone might be seeing in the Village are the ones that surround this place's $16 million price tag.

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