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Big Reveal: $875,000 for a FiDi Studio With 16-Foot Ceilings

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Curbed commenters know their way around the Financial District real estate market. This lofty studio, located at 88 Greenwich Street, is listed for $875,000, and several Pricespotter guesses were very close to that, while one was right on the money. No one was particularly enthused by the space, though a couple people thought it was worth much less. "Am I high, or too Californian, to guess $695,000 for a tiny (albeit FABULOUS) studio?" said KayeinLA. Indeed, you may be too Californian, Kaye. This studio sold for nearly that much seven years ago.

· How Much for a Financial District Studio With 16-Foot Ceilings? [Curbed]
· Listing: 88 Greenwich Street, #1712 [Elliman via StreetEasy]

Greenwich Club Residences

80 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10006