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This $1,900/Month East Village Rental Has a Sink…Somewhere

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So this, apparently, is the state of the East Village rental market these days: apartments renting for less than $2,000 need not come equipped with all the fixtures necessary to lead a normal, hygienic life. Earlier this week an East 9th Street apartment that had a very endearing kitchen shower, but a noticeably-absent toilet hit the market. Now, EV Grieve has spotted another pad where fixtures have been deemed optional. This little "one-bedroom" at 328 East 6th Street is asking $1,900/month and has a refrigerator and a stove, but no pictured sink (or counters, at that.) The listing does mention that there's a sink in the apartment's living area, but funnily enough (as EV Grieve points out) doesn't mention a toilet. Here we go again.

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