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Lovely Tribeca Lofts Invite New Yorkers In For One Afternoon

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For 16 years running, Tribeca loft owners have opened their doors for an afternoon of tours, giving the public a chance to ogle some of the most beautiful and unique homes in Manhattan. This year is no exception. The annual Inside Tribeca Loft Tour features nine homes this year, and the media got a sneak peek at four: a Duane Street number with a stunning rooftop terrace, complete with a pool; a Laight Street duplex decked with Banksy artwork; a sprawling 3,500-square-foot home for a family of five; and a true live/work artist's loft. The apartments are part of the Inside Tribeca Loft Tour, taking place on October 18. Tickets cost $60 and benefit Friends of Duane Park and Friends of Bogardus Garden.

↑ It is a well-established fact that Tribeca lofts and apartments have some phenomenal terraces, and one of those will be part of this year's tour. The terrace at this Duane Street penthouse, renovated by Triarch Architects, comes equipped with a sparkling infinity pool and multiple levels of seating. Inside, the loft is filled with art from the owners' travels.

↑ The co-owner of the Downtown Dance Factory lives in this colorful loft with her husband and three children. The couple worked with designer Ghislaine Vinas to build out the space, which is a combination of two "cookie cutter" apartments. It measures 3,500 square feet and has four bedrooms. The kids' rooms are a delight.

↑ Architect Ole Sondresen recently turned this Laight Street loft into a duplex—the growing family (three kids, plus another on the way) had lived on the fifth floor for more than a decade, and they enlisted Sondresen to connect their space to the fourth floor. The home features an impressive art collection with works by Banksy, JR, Dustin Yellin, and Oliver Clegg. There's a "man cave" with a built-in bourbon bar, a huge glass-enclosed wine room, and a rooftop terrace with decking made from "float copper" from Lake Michigan.

Artist Nancy Pantirer's home of 15 years has a huge studio where she's able to create her large-scale artworks. Smaller works spill over into the rest of the apartment; there's a painting in nearly every room.
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