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'Dramatic' & 'Minimalist' Soho Penthouse Reappears For $18M

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The "crisp" and "dramatic" Soho penthouse that appeared on the market in March didn't win any fans with its $19 million pricetag. Now it's reappeared for the slightly smaller sum of $17.995 million. The duplex penthouse atop 94 Thompson Street was last purchased in 2012 for a mere $10.6 million, so what's with the inflated ask? It appears that the three-bedroom pad's owner tacked on two additional bathrooms through a Nico Rensch and Victoria Blau Architects renovation, but that alone doesn't seem like it'd offset that extra $9 million. The listing's brokerbabble tries to pick up the slack with some seriously wordy descriptions like "honed volcanic basalt stone slab floor" and "and crafted custom ebonized Larch wood millwork cabinetry" (but to its credit, the "floor to ceiling glass atrium that opens to a Japanese Maple tree, a gracious bedroom layout that is low and minimalist," does sound quite lovely.) So, does the pricechopper cometh (again), or is this place too lovely to languish on the market?

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