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Street Artist Invader Hits NYC With New 8-Bit Mosaic

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Low-res Joey is in the place! #newyork #bushwick @thebushwickcollective NY_149 #ramones #newyorkers

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French mosaic artist, Invader is back in New York, and his first couple of designs have gone up in no less than the epicenter of new artistic developments in the city - Bushwick, Brooklyn. Untapped Cities first reported on the artist's work going up in the neighborhood. Invader first teased about his current New York outing on his Instagram account two weeks ago with a work-in-progress shot of Lou Reed from the Velvet Underground. The second of his mosaics in Bushwick is one of Joey Ramone from the Ramones on the side of a red brick brick building located at 360 Troutman Street went up less than 24 hours ago, according to his Instagram. The first, labeled "High in NY," looks like a cat perched on top of a roof, and went up the night before that.

High in NY #brooklyn #bushwick @thebushwickcollective NY_150

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Studio detail #newyorkers

A photo posted by Invader (@invaderwashere) on

#studio #detail #workinprogress ...

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So far Invader has installed 151 of his mosaic works in New York, according to his website. Though he is primarily based out of Paris, his work can be found all over the world with 3,199 mosaics in 65 cities across the globe, oh and outside the globe too - the International Space Station has one of his works too. Invader's last trip to New York wasn't all that pleasant. He was arrested while putting up one of his works on the Lower East Side. He wasn't charged and continued to work in the city after being released. But this time around he decided to solicit building owners on Instagram to avoid arrest, according to a profile in the New York Times. He's tried to place his mosaics in parts of buildings that won't be easily accessible to people on the street, should someone want to vandalize them.
Invader gets his name from the arcade game, Space Invaders, but most of his work involves depictions of characters that became popular in 8-bit video games. A mosaic of Woody Allen is one of the works to look forward to on this sojourn, the Times says.
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