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Brooklyn's Bureau V Merges Architecture With Fashion, Music, Art, and More

Bureau V is easily one of the most exciting and eclectic young design firms working in New York. The Williamsburg-based firm is led by principals Stella Lee, 38, Laura Trevino, 34, and Peter Zuspan, 36, and their diverse portfolio includes not only architecture but furniture design, fashion, performance, graphic art, video production, web design, event production, installation, and still more. Each project has a sense of daring energy and textured synthesis that is indicative of the firm's incessant striving to "stay creative," as Lee puts it, in any way they can. They constantly make up small projects to keep them busy, whether they're working on others, or if there's no work at all.

"It's a schizophrenic focus. Grounding our work in things outside of architecture has been very fruitful," says Zuspan. "Once the architect was the polymath. We're supposed to know all this stuff to some degree to be able to create it and shape it."

They collaborate with musicians, artist, fashion designers, & more >>