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New Hudson River Tunnel Gets Boost With Oversight Committee

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After years of faltering talks, plans for a new trans-Hudson river tunnel are firmly in place. Federal and state officials have come to an agreement with the New York and New Jersey Port Authority to form a corporation that will oversee the work, the New York Times reports. The new corporation will be called the Gateway Development Corporation, named after the project itself. The cost for the project, which is estimated at $20 billion, will be split four ways between the federal government, Amtrak, New York, and New Jersey. One representative from each will then sit on a four-member board that will oversee the project.

Work on making the tunnels a reality has been slowly inching forward over the past several years. Two new shells that will eventually hold part of the tunnels were installed between tenth and eleventh avenues between 32nd and 33rd street. The existing North River tunnels were built over 100 years ago, and sustained extensive damage during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Funding for the tunnels has been the subject of a lot of back and forth with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo , who didn't see eye-to-eye on just who should finance the tunnel.
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