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Williamsburg Loft Goes From Shabby to Industrial Chic

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Photos by Carrie Buell for SAHO NYC

Staying in sync with its Williamsburg peers, this newly renovated Wythe Avenue loft is notable for its stark, minimalist interiors that are complemented by vintage wood furnishings throughout. (The look is a recurring one for the building—330 Wythe Avenue—which is home to plenty of apartments that embrace the whole industrial-shabby aesthetic, for better or for worse.) Rafi Elbaz, who has worked on several projects in North Brooklyn (including a nine-loft condo building on North 7th Street), is responsible for the refurbish. Elbaz's firm is known for its environmentally-conscious designs, often using materials like light gauge recyclable steel and repurposed wood, and this five-bedroom loft is no different: The environmentally sound additions include Peruvian walnut floorings, reclaimed Indonesian teak for the floor in the master shower, and an 18th-century bench that became a kitchen island, of all things. The apartment is not yet on the market but the design firm projects that it will be valued at a whopping $6 million.

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