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Digital Artist Ben Keen Brings You New York City's Next Skyline

For many, a walk through Manhattan offers a constant stream of architectural inspiration, towering high rises conspiring to create a striking urban landscapes. For visual artist Ben Keen, a trip through the canyons created by the city's skyscrapers provides him with a canvas for work. How would a new residential tower appear when viewed from that rooftop? What would the facade of a skyscraper look like in this early-evening light? How can this angle help tell the story of a new development? As art director at Visualhouse, a studio that specializes in videos and photorealistic renderings for many of the biggest names in the architecture industry, Keen is constantly cataloging today's urban landscape. His job, after all, requires him to stare at the next iteration of the city's skyline for hours before anyone else, even the architects.

"You start building up images in your head as you walk down the street," he says. "Standing on the street corner, I'm always wondering if this light or image could become a great photo."

The goal is renderings that could be mistaken for photos >>