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Stepped Flatbush Tower Offers Outdoor Space on All Units

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After some back and forth, construction work on Nostrand Avenue's 23-story Ziggurat-like tower is just a few weeks from starting, NY YIMBY reports. The project is being developed by Hello Living, a Brooklyn-based development group that has worked on several projects in the Crown Heights and Flatbush area including Hello Washington and the Pacific Street Lofts. Hello Living purchased the property located at 1580 Nostrand Avenue for just over $13 million in 2014. Earlier this year, the head of the firm, Eli Karp, put the property back on the market for $28 million, but he has since relented and decided to go forward with the project, according to NY YIMBY.

When complete the building will feature 153 apartments. Half will be sold as market rate rentals and the other half as condos. Most of the apartments are two-bedrooms and have 770 square feet of space and 170 square feet of outdoor space. Prices for them will range from $460,000 to $700,000. One-bedrooms will have 549 square feet of space, about the same amount of outdoor space, and will go for $330,000 to $403,000.
If seen from afar the building almost looks like a step farming community in the mountains, but what's unique to the building is the fact that every single apartment has an outdoor space. Vincent Martineau, a Karl Fischer Architecture alum is the architect of record and Loadingdock5 is the design architect. The building will also have a 160-car garage and an urgent care center on the first and second floor, according to NY YIMBY.
The old Verizon building on the lot has been demolished and work is set to commence in the next couple of weeks.
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