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Gowanus's Coignet Building Reveals Its New White Facade

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For years, the crumbling red-and-white Coignet Building sat, unloved, at the corner of Third Avenue and 3rd Street in Gowanus, just waiting for someone to come and clean it up.

Once the Whole Foods moved in next door, it seemed as though something might happen there—restoring the neighborhood landmark, after all, was part of the grocer's contract to build on that block. Now, nearly two years after the renovation process began, some progress has been made. Photographer Miska Draskoczy sent in the photo above via the tipline, showing the freshly restored facade of the top of the building sans the scaffolding that has covered it for a few years. According to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, the scaffolding came down in October, revealing a gleaming exterior made from white artificial stone.

Draskoczy has his own connection to the Coignet Building: The shutterbug, who's currently working on a photography book called Gowanus Wild (he's raising funds for it through Kickstarter), recently had the above photo of the historic building added to the Brooklyn Public Library's Brooklyn collection.
· Gowanus Wild: a photo book [KIckstarter]