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This '30s-Era Chelsea Co-Op Is Drowning in Bric-a-Brac

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"Sometimes more is more," begins the listing for this one-bedroom co-op in the Chelsea Gardens apartment complex, which comes to us via a tipster. We're not entirely sure this is one of those cases: The apartment is absolutely covered in tchotchkes, including an impressive number of collectible plates (though we'd worry about showering underneath those), many gilded statues, and portraits galore. According to the brokerbabble, "it has been carefully designed to enhance all the deco details that make this building so appealing"; but the effect is a little more like your grandma's storage room than an Art Deco treasure. Regardless, there are some nice elements, such as a custom stained-glass window in the kitchen and a curved, '30s-style fireplace. (Plus, we're guessing the knick-knacks don't come with the apartment.) It's asking $1.25 million.

· Listing: 255 West 23rd Street #4CE [StreetEasy]