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See Morris Adjmi's 'Modern, Refined' Williamsburg Condos

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After the success of his other Brooklyn ventures—the Wythe Hotel, 465 Pacific Street—architect Morris Adjmi is putting his stamp on another Williamsburg project, this time a condo building.

YIMBY had the scoop on the development at 138 North 10th Street between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street, which is currently home to a nondescript warehouse. Adjmi's six-story building will have nine "family-size" apartments spread out over 15,045 square feet of space, with the apartment layout broken down as follows: two two-bedroom triplexes, four 1,100-square-foot two-bedrooms, one smaller two-bedroom unit, and two three-bedroom triplexes. The building will also have a gym and, inexplicably, a one-car garage.

Adjmi told YIMBY that he was going for "a clean and minimal factory aesthetic" and that the design is "industrial, but modern and refined," which apparently translates to a white brick exterior and huge windows. Construction should begin by the end of the year, with an expected completion date of 2017.
· Revealed: 138 North 10th Street, Morris Adjmi-Designed Condos In Williamsburg [YIMBY]