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Tour Instagram Star Patrick Janelle's 500-Square-Foot Abode

Patrick Janelle—the New York Times-ordained "professional Instagrammer" who has some 424,000 followers paying attention to his stylish daily life filled with travel and creative pursuits—recently had to confront an all-too-common problem: how to make the most of a small rental in the big city. The pad, a 500-square-foot one-bedroom apartment in New York City's SoHo neighborhood, had been as bare as they come. But in a few months' time, with help from Noa Santos—co-founder of Homepolish, the startup trying to bring affordable interior design to the masses—and, of course, his Instagram followers, the space has transformed into a chic and efficient place for relaxing, working, and entertaining. Upon seeing the finished result, Janelle says it's the "first time he's truly excited about calling an apartment 'home.'"

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