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8 NYC Vacation Rentals Still Up For Grabs Over Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a great holiday to spend in New York City. The iconic Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is quite the spectacle, and the city's department stores begin to unveil their wonderful and witty holiday window displays. Whether thinking about ditching the turkey in favor of less traditional festivities, or making last-minute plans to visit with family, a loved one, or alone, rest assured that there are still plenty of places to shack up in New York City over the long weekend. Hotels are great, but something about a vacation rental really feels right for the occasion. At that, here are eight places that are still available from Wednesday to Sunday over the coming holiday weekend that suit all different kinds of needs.

A Place For the Family To Gather

↑ This Prospect Heights townhouse has quite the grand entertaining space for an impromptu Thanksgiving feast. It also sleeps up to six people. It's available for $630/night.

↑ In Noho, a four-bedroom loft style apartment with room for baby is available with price by request. Imagine cozying up to its large fireplace, or perfecting that new side dish recipe over its terrace grill.

↑ For the pseudo-traditionalist who's actually just getting Dean & Deluca to cater, this Upper West Side townhouse is the place to be. It's asking a steep $1,000/night, but it does have four bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms, a study, living area, and decent-sized dining table.

A Place For a Romantic Getaway

↑ This West Village one-bedroom is in a converted 19th-century carriage house. The apartment's kitchen is rather modest, with no oven of freezer, so it's probably best to explore the neighborhood's bountiful restaurants if a Thanksgiving stay's in mind. The apartment's asking $436/night.

↑ A Seaport studio that's perfect for the couple looking to get away is available for $399/night. Caveat: wine and colored foods are off limits; not officially, but just look at this place.

↑ For those who want to do nothing more than lay in bed and watch TV over Thanksgiving weekend, look no further. This Soho loft is set up for just that, and is asking $229/night.

A Place To Stay On the Cheap

↑ For those visiting friends over the long weekend, this Crown Heights studio is a perfect crash pad. What's better than its cute and unfussy decor is its price: just $85/night.

↑ In Hamilton Heights, a twee studio is asking $85/night.

↑ Have a Thanksgiving unlike all others on this housebarge moored in Brooklyn's Gateway National Recreation Area. The surprisingly spacious barge is asking $80/night and comes with all the requisite amenities like cable, internet, and heat. With this unseasonable November weather, why not shake fall up?

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