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Karl Fischer's 33-Story Midtown East Tower Is On the Rise

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[All photos by Tectonic]

The planned 33-story mixed-use tower at 172 Madison Avenue, in Midtown East, has now risen 14 stories. YIMBY spotted construction photos first posted by Tectonic of the work in progress, developed by Tessler Development and designed by architect Karl Fischer. Upon its completion, estimated for 2017, there will be 69 condos and 4,361 square feet of retail space at the tower's base. Apartments hit the market this spring with prices ranging from $1.3 to $6 million.

Renderings of the tower first emerged this February and construction started up last spring. What will someday be a tall, glassy rectangle is distinguished by its base, which will be topped by a 3,000-square-foot terrace that includes a 50-foot-long private pool.

The building will be broken down into 17 one-bedrooms, 40 two-bedrooms, and six three-bedrooms. There will also be four penthouses as well as "Sky House" and "Mansion" apartments, which haven't hit the market yet. As YIMBY notes, glass installation has also begun at the building although it's not obvious in the photographs.

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