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Big Reveal: $1.175M For a Stylish West Village One-Bedroom

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Only one commenter, Da Cheat, guessed the exact asking price for this week's Spotter apartment: $1.175 million for a West Village one-bedroom in a co-op building on Barrow Street. (Though westvillagedoc was in the correct range of $1.175–$2 million.) The pad was renovated in 2013 by ASH NYC, which accounts for its clean, spare interiors—but commenters were put off by the apartment's small size. "The kitchen and bathroom marbles are dramatic but aside from that I'm unimpressed," remarked Trilbynyc; "this place is too small to be luxury," agreed Donald. But others complimented the "fantastic space" (that was suecin). And Afroman came close to guessing the location (putting it on either Leroy, Morton, Barrow, and Clarkson), if not the price.

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