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NYPD Horses Move Into Their New Digs at Mercedes House

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For years, the NYPD maintained tucked-away—but easy to, um, smell—stables on Pier 76 in Hell's Kitchen for its squadron of police horses. But as of this week, the horses now have new, fancier digs in an unlikely spot: Mercedes House, the ziggurat on West 53rd Street. (Yes, even NYPD horses live in a luxury building now.)

The new stables are located on the ground floor of the luxury rental, next door to the Mercedes dealership that gives the building its name. When the building was still a mere idea, members of the community board persuaded Jed Walentas of Two Trees Management to include the horses' new home there. The stables, which cost $30 million to build, will be home to 27 stalls, in addition to "two hot water horse showers, automatic water feeders for a constant supply of fresh water for horses and a broad indoor riding ring for the horses to exercise in," according to DNAInfo.
· Police Horses Get Brand New $30 Million Home in Hell's Kitchen [DNAInfo]

Mercedes House

555 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019 Visit Website