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After a Decade, Durst's Sixth Ave. Tower Nears Completion

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A 41-story mixed-use building on West 31st Street is just six months away from completion after almost a decade of development, Yimby reports. EOS (or 855 Sixth Avenue) is being developed by the empire-like (and, as of late, notorious) Durst Organization. Once complete EOS will feature 375 rental units, more than 100,000 square feet of office space, and close to 50,000 square feet of retail.

Construction for the project was proposed in the mid-2000s along with several other plans for the area. Most of those buildings have already been completed, including The Continental at 885 Sixth Avenue, another mixed use building, and Eventi, a hotel and residential building at 851 Sixth Avenue.

However, EOS was plagued from the start. The financial crisis of 2008 brought all plans to a temporary halt. But even as the market has recovered in the last few years, the building saw a change in ownership and architects—Durst took over the site in 2011,and CookFox took over from Pelli Clark Pelli in 2013—and size, getting chopped from its original 56 stories to 41. The building is slated to open in April 2016.
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