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Glass Facade at 5 Manhattan West Is Nearly Complete

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The glass overhaul of a 1960s concrete office building is well underway at the Manhattan West megaproject located just across the way from Hudson Yards. This week marked the completion of a pleated glass wall on the west facade of the building, known as 5 Manhattan West and located on West 33rd Street, according to Field Condition. It follows the renovation of the east side, which was completed this past summer, and work is now set to begin on the south facade.

The office building in question is part of a 7 million square foot development project in the area being undertaken by Brookfield Office Properties, which also owns the Grace Building near Bryant Park, and the 48-floor skyscraper at 245 Park Avenue, formerly known as the American Tobacco Company building.

Once complete, Manhattan West will include a 62-story residential building with 844 units, a 67-story, 2 million square foot office building, and two acres of public space. Construction on the residential tower, which is located on West 31st Street, has reached the 19th floor, and both the residential building and 5 Manhattan West are expected to be completed sometime next year. SOM are the lead architects on the Manhattan West project, but REX, AAI, and James Corner Field Operations are working exclusively on 5 Manhattan West.

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