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October's Priciest and Cheapest Places to Rent, Mapped

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Zumper has released a new map highlighting the cheapest and the priciest neighborhoods in the city, and it's no surprise that for the latter, three neighborhoods in Manhattan have emerged as the victors. The Flatiron District took the top spot with the median rent for a one-bedroom at $4,400 a month, followed by NoMad at $4,370 a month, and Tribeca at $4,200 a month. The only marginally good news is the fact rents came down from the record high it reached in the last quarter where NoMad had a median rent of $4,630 per month. On the map above, Flatiron and NoMad both fall under Gramercy Park because Zumper tends to aggregate some of its neighborhoods to make the map more readable.

Zumper releases this map every quarter, and the ranking of the neighborhoods in the city has remained unchanged for the most part. Chelsea was in the top three last quarter, but has moved several notches down on the list with neighborhoods like the West Village, Battery Park and Greenwich Village ranking higher. This map examined rents in the city in the month of October.

In Brooklyn, Williamsburg dethroned Downtown Brooklyn for the highest median rent for a one-bedroom. The former remained static at $3,300 a month, and downtown Brooklyn fell from $3,315 in the last quarter to $3,150 this quarter.

On the cheaper end of the spectrum, Inwood ranks the most affordable in Manhattan at $1,625 a month - this also marks the first time Zumper has released a map with data pertaining to the neighborhoods above Central Park, in Manhattan.

In Brooklyn, cheapest rents could be found in East Flatbush for $1,395 a month, but the cheapest recorded neighborhood in the map is Hunts Point where rent is a super thrifty $1,100 a month.

Median rent for a one-bedroom in the city overall stands $3,280, still trailing San Francisco by a few hundred which sits at $3,670. New York is still well above the third most expensive real estate market, Boston, where the one-bedroom median rent is at $2,400 a month.
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