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Staid Greenwich Village Townhouse Tries Again For $24M

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Like so many of the homes pushing (or blowing past) the $25 million mark in New York City, the townhouse at 47 West 9th Street has seen its share of ups and downs, price-wise. When it was listed back in 2008, it was asking $16 million, but sold for just shy of $13 million. Then, the price jumped an insane $15.8 million, got price-chopped, put itself on the rental market, and then ended up getting re-listed earlier this year for $26 million. The latest development: It's back, this time with Sotheby's, and it's gotten a slight price cut, to $23.75 million. Maybe this time it'll find a buyer, but given its history…well, let's just say we won't be surprised to be reporting another price chop soon. (It is a nice house, if a bit unremarkable compared to other blockbusters on the market.)

· Listing: 47 West 9th Street [Sotheby's via StreetEasy]