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Charmingly Rustic Lower East Side Carriage House Wants $12M

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We know what you're thinking: "rustic" is not typically a word used to describe properties in the Lower East Side. But this quirky little carriage house at 170 Eldridge Street fits that description, thanks to its interior design, which is all about exposed wooden beams, Spanish tile floors, working fireplaces, and a skylight that illuminates a natural display of stones and plants. Originally built in 1920, the four-bedroom house has gotten plenty of modern updates, such as a three-car garage (yes, three), a sleek kitchen, and an expansive rooftop terrace that the listing claims can accommodate up to 50 people. Though it's currently configured as a single-family home, the listing touts its flexibility—it could be converted to a commercial space. The asking price: $12 million.

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