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City Planning Greenlights Controversial Brooklyn Library Project

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A contentious proposal to redevelop the Brooklyn Heights Public Library received the go-ahead from the city's Planning Commission on Monday, Politico reports. Developer Hudson Companies intends to purchase the library from the city for $52 million, and create a 36-story building with 139 condos, and a sleeker but smaller library with space for retail in the building as well.

The project has gotten support from Community Board 2 and Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen, but despite that, several unions have coalesced as a group, Build Up NYC to oppose the project, saying the developer has no intention of paying prevailing wage or using unionized labor.

"There's no standards in this deal at all. We think that this is a pretty sweet deal for the developer," Gary LaBarbera, president of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York, told Politico

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams has also criticized the plan citing the lack of school space in relation to the increasing population in the neighborhood. The City Council will seal the fate of the project in a full council vote later this year.
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