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Cosmo Editor Helen Gurley Brown's UWS Penthouse Asks $20M

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When legendary Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown passed away in 2012, she left behind a penthouse in the equally legendary Beresford on Central Park West, the onetime home of celebs like Glenn Close, John McEnroe, and Richard Holbrooke. Gurley Brown owned one of the building's more coveted residences: one of three apartments that extend up into the turrets that top the pre-war structure. Earlier this summer, a New York Times piece detailed the brewing battle over that apartment—the building's co-op board wanted it sold, while those in charge of executing Gurley Brown's will wanted to hold onto the pad. But it looks like the co-op board won: the penthouse just hit the market, asking $20 million. Spread out over four floors (including that terrace room), the apartment reflects Gurley Brown's eclectic, bold taste: there's a leopard-print rug in one room, a hot pink shag carpet in another (in fact, there's pink everywhere), and a baby grand piano; predictably, there are also panoramic views of Central Park and the skyline beyond. "I'm slightly prejudiced, but I think it's the best apartment in New York," she told Vanity Fair in 2007.

· Listing: 211 Central Park West, PH22D [Sotheby's via StreetEasy]

The Beresford

211 central park west, New York, NY